Tuesday, November 8, 2011

5 months. big changes. new location. settling in.

Ahh, just gonna jump right back in and get to it.

5 months: All summer and most of the fall since I've posted.
Big changes: Traveled cross country. Again.
New location: North Carolina
Settling in: From RV to an apartment.

It happened all rather fast, actually. But, once we make our mind up. Well, you know...

I do hope you all had a wonderful summer. I spent the first half of the summer in Vegas, by the pool mostly. You tend to want to do that when it's 110 outside. The second half was spent traveling cross country to North Carolina. What a great trip. I see something different each time we traverse the US.

My fall has been spent gathering curriculum and doing school with the girls and getting them involved in some activities locally.

We will be moving into an apartment soon.

Temporary changes.

Permanent benefits.

Details coming.


Monday, June 13, 2011

can you have it all? - 8 reasons the answer is no

It matters not how balanced, centered and altogether our lives may be. It really doesn’t.

Something or someone frequently suffers, inanimate and animate alike; namely our dreams we have for ourselves.

I’ll be frank.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

DOED week 4: sleep - are you getting enough?

Way back, I talked about resolving to get more sleep. Better sleep.

When I'm committed to it, I feel better. Work better. Play better.

Most people don't get enough of it and many of us who are in the bed for eight hours aren't necessarily getting quality sleep for those eight hours.

Are you lacking truly good sleep?

Friday, May 27, 2011

don't believe the hype, kids & rvs do mix: FOTR blog carnival IV

When we started on the road two summers ago, we knew that we had to make room in our fifth wheel for our girls. We had owned it for a couple years before going full time, and knew that when we lived in it every day, we would need to make some adjustments. An uncomfortable fold out sofa bed was okay for vacations, but it wasn't going to cut it for our new lifestyle.

We started by removing the two recliners in the large slide and replaced them with bunk beds. Each daughter had their own space and this worked out perfectly. There was room for their special things tucked away in a corner: daughter 1 had a pink lamp that she wanted to hang from her bunk and daughter 2 had a special windchime she wanted to keep. They each had their quiet time, especially when they hung a sheet tucked under the mattress or tacked to the ceiling for privacy.