Saturday, March 20, 2010

List of Stuff..

I warned you all that I am a compulsive list maker.
It's true.

I have lists.
Lots of them.
Some nicely organized, in outline fashion.
Some scratched through, checked off and written on.
Some virgin. Yeah, I need to get right on those.

And even, one, from eons ago, which I'm pretty sure still has baby spit-up splattered all over it. I know, people, but it's only one. I threw the rest of the really dirty ones away, so there. ha!

Having said all that, yes, you guessed it. I have another list.

Only not one, from years ago or just today. I merged them (yikes!)

I finally am ready to acknowledge that this list exists, and I feel better that now it's just one list instead of several. So there are things from long ago, things from last week and things from today. I am proud to say that some of them have been scratched off!

And, well...the others that aren't yet, will probably find their way onto another list :)

These are things I'd like to do. Only I'm not necessarily calling it a bucket list, because I would hope that I get to do them wayyyy before I think I'm running out of time. So, there's no 5 year plan, or outline, or scheduling, just an acknowledgment of desire.

I'll see what happens from here.

1.    tattoo? (ok, so now that that's out of the way)...
2.    own a small bookstore
3.    learn how to take really good photographs
4.    make homemade jam
5.    visit Scotland. so I can represent.
6.    own a 69 Mustang. Mach I. Long story.
7.    live in an RV
8.    get permanent hair removal
9.    make a quilt
10.  whiten my teeth. professionally.
11.  visit Ellis Island
12.  do a Daniel fast. and finish it.
13.  invent something clever
14.  drive down the PCH
15.  learn more Spanish
16.  explore a raw food diet
17.  lose 20 pounds. Doesn't everybody?
18.  do some freelance writing  (sweet! crossed off 5/27/10)
19.  visit my brother's grave, and smile, not cry
20.  have chickens
21.  get my nose pierced
22.  go to a vineyard in Tuscany, Italy
23.  fly in a plane, and not get nauseous
24.   write a book
25.  and get it published.
26.  restore and live in an old barn
27.  knit colorful scarves for my girls
28.  try dreads
29.  visit Vermont in the fall
30.  visit all 50 states
31.  cook an entire meal over a campfire
32.  watch a movie. in a theater. and not feel guilty for the cost ($5 movies, tues. nites, Madisonville, KY)
33.  try yoga
34.  eat Thai food
35.  own a small farm
36.  learn to cook more Puerto Rican food
37.  visit an Amish community
38.  see my daughter not suffer with eczema anymore
39.  have a garden
40.  build a small cabin

The perfectionist in me is secretly gloating that it was an even 40.

If I can think of any more, I will, add them to the list. :)

What things have you desired to do?