Meet Jenn

I’m Jenn.

Blogger. Networker. Author. Writer. Traveler.

The above is who I am, but not the whole.
I wear many hats, but don't want to be labeled by just a single one.

Writing is my love. But writing well is my passion.

I live in 300 square feet.
I don’t have a car. Yet.

I broke the mold.
I did what mainstream says you cannot do.

I took my show on the road.

I live, work, and travel full-time in my RV.

Why did I choose this?

I want a more fulfilling existence.
I need a simple lifestyle that allows time for creativity.

Becoming stagnant is not an option.
Complacency can't be on the agenda.

I don’t want to compromise personally, geographically or professionally.

I’m Jenn.

You don’t have to either.