Thursday, May 27, 2010

List of Stuff...part 2

In an earlier post, I blogged about a sort of bucket list, which had things I'd like to do, or places I'd like to go.  It is a combination of a couple lists, some from long ago and some more recent. Some things are already crossed off because I had been able to do them since scribing a portion of the list years ago.

I am slowly, but surely, working on the list.
In no particluar order.

This month I am able to check off number 18: do some freelance writing. To read more about my opportunity, check out this entry.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Home Is Not In NC... and some exciting news!

2 months? Shame on me.

I don't like it when the blogs I read go this long without posting, either. I wonder how my family is, how my road buddies are, and where everyone might be located during the gap.

So, my family is in North Carolina. Thus, the visit earlier this month for a few weeks, for some time to visit.

And to take care of business. Taxes, tag renewals, license renewals, etc. All the stuff we must do once a year in our "home" state. We are hoping at some point to change everything over to a different state, but for now we decided, for convenience purposes, to just take care of it all while we were there.

May 13th was also my 15th wedding anniversary and my hubby and I took a week without the girls and went to the beach for some much needed reconnection and r&r. We stayed at a retreat center and enjoyed the quiet time there. Miguel and I were able to spend some time talking about the rest of this year and making plans for where we'll spend the winter. Good stuff :)

As for our road friends, they are scattered, but alot are making their way to cooler locations for the summer. An RV air conditioner has a threshhold of "too hot to cool down" during the hottest months.

Since my last post in March, I have been asked to write for two online publications. One is an e-zine and the other is a website, both offering information and articles to families who already live full-time in an RV or those who are contemplating it. I am very excited about this, as I had put writing to rest for many years, while being at home with my girls and helping run our construction company.

My book manuscript is complete (editing included) and my next item on the to-do list is the cover. I cannot wait to get this portion of the project complete and I am excited to see the finished product. I am working with a wonderful friend who is a photographer in Kentucky, that we met last summer, while working on the Different Miracle - Dawson Springs project. Her work is superb and her creativity shines in every shot. i.e. She knows her stuff :)

We have traveled quite a few miles in the last couple months and enjoyed every minute of it. Nashville to Stanton, KY and back. Nashville to Atlanta and onto NC and back (in 3 days) and another NC trip this month. My visit home was great, but I didn't feel the way I expected I would. I thought I would be homesick after getting there and be hesitant to leave our hometown. Nope, wrong. It was a much needed confirmation that our family did the right thing by moving on. I still miss our church, but I can listen to messages online and catch up on the events happening there that way. Other than my parents being there and my brother being buried there, I have no desire to return there permanently. Ever, I think.

I have found more and more in this year that, my home is truly, not necessarily where I am parked, but what I am parked in. I can be anywhere and still feel at home. I have my own sheets, my own shower, my own kitchen, my own bed... and I don't have to pack to go anywhere. It is home.

Miguel is in Grand Rapids, Michigan for meetings this week and will return Thursday night, and the girls and I are trying to stay occupied while he is gone. So, we have been busy to say the least and my blogging has lagged, but other writing has filled in during the meantime. I am so blessed to have been given these opportunites and look forward to where they will take me.

I do have some other news coming soon, I hope, and will pass that along when I know more :)