Tuesday, July 13, 2010

We’re Not Crazy, We’re Just A Little Unwell… ha!

I mentioned in my last post that I may have some news and that I’d blog about it when I knew more.

Well, I know a little more, but not much.

My guy got a phone call from a friend at home in North Carolina who was telling us about an RV for sale. Ironically, we had just left NC a week earlier and soooo wish we’d been able to see it while we were still there! He emailed some photos a couple days later and after looking at them, we are seriously considering it. This may be the opportunity for us to get an older class A and sell our fifth wheel. It will be a major change for my family to downsize again, but I am excited about the possibilities this decision will afford us. There are definitely pros and cons to downsizing to an older class A. (and when I say older, let’s just say, that if she were a human, she’d be drawing retirement, ha!).

Not really.

But she is 27 years old. Whoaaa!

She looks to be in decent shape on the inside and has had only two owners.

My guy and I are working out the logistics now, and figuring out what we’re able to spend remodeling it. Thankfully, our background is construction and development. I don’t question the demo and rebuild aspect of this RV as much as I might the mechanical and automotive side of it. Miguel has restored a classic 69 Mustang Mach I, that belonged to his dad, and built a race car with the help of a great team. I’m hoping that the experience he got from these two restorations will come in handy for this project if needed. It’s an eye-opening experience to go into unknown territory, but the landscape we’d like to revisit is being virtually debt-free again.

The wheels turn a little easier that way. And faster.

Literally and figuratively.

Puns totally intended.

I am hopeful that whether this particular class A becomes ours or not, that the right RV will come along for my family. Either way, it’s our desire to sell our fifth wheel and get something that will be paid for.

I’ve been asked, “how in the world will you guys live in that little space”? and, “you’re going to downsize again”?

The only answer I have is, that I am totally trusting on God to send the answer, Jesus to give peace about it, and the Holy Spirit to deliver the discernment to make the right decision for our family.

I don’t know how much more will be asked of me.

Or what further will be expected from my family;

But what I do know is that we are on a journey that may not necessarily ever have a destination on this side of heaven.

I think that’s part of the trip;

That in the layovers, flat tires, descensions, and hopefully more ascensions than not, of life, there will be some meaning.

Some clarity revealed.
Morsels of knowledge gained.
Precepts of wisdom given.
Nuggets of hope restored;

And maybe not necessarily for oneself, but through me for others and their own journey;

That what I learn in these moments of life, provide someone else a roadmap along her exodus.

So, what does all this about our next possible transition mean to me right now? And how can it relate to you?

I know that less is more in the grand scheme of things, (even though my scope ain’t always so grand, my friend). I tend to get a little jaded. And microscopic. I am able to see the big picture, I just tend to give myself allowance to zero in on the implications of ‘now’ and not ‘then’. I don’t know the morsels, precepts or nuggets just yet, but I do know that I’m looking forward to rolling debt free if at all possible.

That’s the spiritual side of this whole journey, but there is the human element that screams,

“I’m not crazy, I’m just a little unwell”....

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