Tuesday, June 7, 2011

DOED week 4: sleep - are you getting enough?

Way back, I talked about resolving to get more sleep. Better sleep.

When I'm committed to it, I feel better. Work better. Play better.

Most people don't get enough of it and many of us who are in the bed for eight hours aren't necessarily getting quality sleep for those eight hours.

Are you lacking truly good sleep?

I live an unconventional lifestyle, so it isn't always easy to keep a regular schedule.

I have work days, school days, travel days, event days. Every day is different.

You might be wondering why I chose the subject of sleep to be included in this series, but as you'll see, sleep affects every aspect of our lives.

Sleep or the lack thereof, has a direct effect on my
  • motivation
  • mood
  • health
  • diet
And probably a whole gammet of other things which I haven't yet made the connection.

I can be more effective and efficient when I'm well rested. My perspective is entirely different. On everything. I can think clearer. I can act more deliberately.

You may be digitally overloaded, but any overload is compounded by the lack of rest and the resulting void caused by it. This mini-blog series was designed to make us aware of how and why we are spending our time. It was created to help you implement time-saving strategies and use that time elsewhere.

I've been contemplating something different for me: a different sleep schedule. Typically, Americans work from 9-5.

Wait for it...
Why shouldn't I sleep from 9-5?

Currently, I'm on the west coast and the day breaks at 5am; beautiful mornings that I haven't been taking advantage of.

The RV is quiet. Outside is still asleep. I can work with quiet, people.

I will try it and tweak it as needed.

Being overtired frequently causes hyperactivity or an inability to rest peacefully. It may mean falling asleep, but not being able to stay asleep. On the contrary, it might mean not being able to fall asleep for hours and then getting only a couple hours of sleep before having to wake.

One last thought on digital overload before this series comes to a close: logging into my email or social media, or researching something I'm working on, is a definite recipe for delayed sleep. My mind begins working; starts making a to-do list for the next day.

This last week,  I made a concerted effort to go to bed without that 'one last look' and the result was better sleep.

Are you not able to focus? Feeling groggy or irritated?

Try a different schedule or take a thirty minute siesta in the afternoon if you're able. Try several things and see what works for you.

You'll be better and feel better for it.

I hope you've enjoyed this series as much as I've enjoyed writing it.

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