Monday, May 23, 2011

DOED week 2 - unclutter your blog feed

There were too many. Feeds that is. Yes.there.were. There were homeschool blogs, travel blogs, home and garden, DIY, and even a photography blog. I've never, and I stress never have taken a decent photo
Maybe that's why I followed the blog in the first place. I don't even remember subscribing to it. And I never read it. Maybe that's the reason I still can't take a decent pic worth uploading to my blog!

Some blogs no longer posted regularly so I unsubscribed. Others posted every time they took a breath and I was growing tired of meaningless content. Several just didn't interest me anymore.

Now I follow way less than even half, than I did originally and I am surprised at which ones I omitted and replaced with another.

I'm learning more about myself and what actually inspires me in this season of my life. Six months ago, my feed reader would have looked completely different. Two months, even.

Have your interests also changed?

Are you inundated by frivolous blog activity?

What project are you currently working on?

Are you still learning something from the blogs you're reading?

Are they keeping you dreaming versus you actually making something happen for yourself?

  • Decide what is vitally important to you.
  • Pick two, maybe three interests and follow blogs in those arenas. Ten total would be a good start, maybe even a good finish. That will keep you busy. Indefinitely.
  • Mark your calendar for 6 months from now to reevaluate your interests, unsubscribe to those feeds if necessary and move on. There will be some blogs that I will always follow no matter what. Don't take a Nazi approach, but be discriminating at the same time.
  • Use only one reader for your feeds. I had feeds in a couple different places and it was just too confusing. Now I have one. There are many readers to choose from. Yahoo has one, Google offers another. Keep researching until you find one that you like.
  • Only check your comments when you log in, if you also maintain a blog . I was having emails sent to me when a subscriber commented. Blogger also notified me when I logged into my dashboard that a comment needed to be moderated. I was getting double notifications and spending uneccesary time on the computer.
The goal of this series is to make us aware of our time and how we spend it digitally.

We all want to be creative, fulfilled and efficient at what we do.

Eliminating, one by one, things that are time-stealers also means that we are carving out nuggets of time for something else we'd rather be doing.

For me, this means time with my family, writing for blogs (mine and others), or reading those blogs that inspire me to be better, do better and live better.

Your time is valuable. It belongs to you. Choose how you want to spend it.

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