Friday, May 20, 2011

blogging botox - a virtual facelift...

It's official. The face is sagging a bit. Not mine, but the blog. Over the course of the next few weeks, I will be making changes

I'll be streamlining it a bit more, making it easier for you to navigate. Cleanliness is next to godliness, ya know... I want you to be able to go directly to what you're searching for. So, out with the laborious scrolling and hello tabs. My to-do list is pro-creating right before my very eyes! Progression never looked so good on you , baby!

You can look forward to:

  • a broader scope of relevant content. (I will still be covering my travels.)
  • more links to things and people I love. Sharing is caring, lovey.
  • more connection - I know some pretty rad peeps and I know you do too. Let's connect. And then connect them. New friends are stepping stones to fulfilling relationships, rewarding careers, and personal growth. Never think that you can't learn a 'lil somethin somethin from people. The learning curve is endless!
  • video blogging (vlogging) - I want to put a voice and face to my name for you. I want you to know me more. There's something about the face to face, er, face to screen connection. I'll be experimenting with a Skype feature also.
  • an introduction of what I offer professionally. I will be offering a variety of services for you. Included in my portfolio will be my past and present projects. Look for my portfolio and services tab coming soon.
It's ambitious. Whatevs. I'm up to it!

I've decided against a holding page in the meantime. Random Road is still live, mi amor.

Stay. Return. And exodus with me.

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