Friday, February 25, 2011

Somewhere In West TX, Betweeen Childress and Amarillo

We pulled into a rest area to spend the night with other roadies. Driving for more than a couple hours in the dark, we hadn't seen very much but just assumed that the great expanse of West TX had remained the same. Every cow had a twin and those twins were cloned. I swear I've never so much cattle. One ranch after another. Sadly, I saw dead cows at the fenceline and wondered how long it would be before they were found. Oil fields. One-lane dirt roads that lead off into the abyss of no-man's land.

oil, cattle and a few cacti

The terrain was consistent but the critters changed a bit

I saw this cute little shop when we stopped for gas, but it was closed
 West Texas was a long, dull and quiet ride, but it provided much time for reflection.

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