Friday, February 25, 2011

Sulphur Springs, TX with

After 16 months, I finally saw our friends again! We traveled and worked together for a month in the fall of 2009. We had met online through Families On The Road several years ago but had never met in person until September of 2009. Up to our introduction personally, we had spoken on the phone, email and Facebook so I felt like I already knew them. The first time we ever spoke was on our launch date of July 4, 2009.  Chad and Amy called to surprise us and to wish us well. I was comforted. I was quiet and reflective after having pulled out of the driveway that morning, and it was a washing over of peace to know that they cared and that other families were likeminded. We visited the Creation Museum near Cincinnatti upon our initial visit in Sept. 2009 and they came back with us in their RV to Kentucky, where we were parked. They ended up staying with us through October 2009 working on a project in Dawson Springs, KY. After completion, we all went to Atlanta to work the Catalyst Conference and said our goodbyes there. They were on to Mexico and we had to go back to Kentucky.

It was great to see them after all this time. I was awful sad to say goodbye again. We were able to celebrate their youngest daughter's 1st birthday with them.  We were treated like kings with great food, "hot, as long as we want" showers, unlimited use of the washing machine. And Amy cut and colored my hair. Yep. I didn't know what to do with myself. Well,.... I did know. I almost dozed off while she was cutting it. I am so blessed to have friends like them. They are currently off the road and settled in Sulphur Springs, TX in a cute little house and a wonderful church family. Click here if you'd like to read more of their story and their mission.

Bethany Grace, what a miracle she is

Chad getting to the frosting before she does

Amy and Bethany

Chad saying his goodbye

one last pic before the goodbyes and tears
I am hoping it won't be another 16 months until I see them again. They are trying to get us to go to Mexico with them. Again. They're making it very hard to say no. Why are our visits always timed immediately before their missions to Mexico? I'm not brave enough to ask God that question yet. Ridiculous. I know, right? He knows what I'm thinking already anyway...

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