Wednesday, February 9, 2011

RV Pics Finally! Drumroll...

She is finished. And so are we. For awhile, anyway. I wouldn't necessarily mind another project, so if you need help with yours, I'm open to that. I'm only half kidding. Sorta.

Roxy proved to be good to us after all and has cleaned up nicely. Poor girl, she was just waiting for someone to lend a little encouragement. There are many people who donated materials and time, that I want to give a shout of thanks to:

The Crosmun's in NC for blessing us with Roxy,
Russell Hott for helping w/the radiator and Kelly Hott for the chat in the meantime,
My parents for helping us tear out the old stuff in the very beginning,
Brenda Laskowski for helping paint and make the slipcovers,
Judy Holt for altering the kitchen table curtains,
Lakewood Carpet for donating the labor and all flooring,
IKEA for being so affordable. Just sayin'...,
Billy West in Dawson Springs, KY for his hard work,
Chris & Shilah Barnes for their help. And for telling us we're not crazy after all...

Here are a few of the pics:

To see the entire album, you can view my Flickr slideshow to your left.

We've been living in the Pace Arrow for 4 months now. The girls have the bedroom and Capt. My Guy and I have the front IKEA sofa bed. It has worked out nicely.

And I get to wake up to a sunny yellow kitchen every morning. Love it.

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