Friday, February 25, 2011

FOTR (families on the road) Rally 2011


I so enjoyed my time with my FOTR family. Most of us have been friends online for several years. The rally was held in Cape Canaveral, FL January 20-23, 2011. My entries are a bit out of order. I just realized that I had not even posted about it yet.

Quick recap.
16 families, I believe.
40 something kids of all ages.
Movie nights. Campfires. Sangria. Dessert Potluck. Science experiments which included a homemade bomb.
Oh, yeah!

Some of us continued on to Orlando together after the rally. We just couldn't bear to be apart. There is a kinship with us gypsies and our kids. We are proof to each other that we're not crazy. That we're not damaging our kids for life. That bonds of friendship aren't broken by distance. Or continent. Or time.

I have one friend returning from Australia reuniting with his family after a short job stint in Australia. Another family who will be leaving shortly to spend the spring in Europe. And one country music singer who is an absolute hoot. Families with adopted children. Families with little ones and families with older children not traveling with them. A family who started Fulltime Families magazine, that has given me an opportunity to write for them. Three single moms (mad props to single mamas doing this with their kids!). A family promoting wellness and sustainable living. Another family new to the road doing outreach. True free spirits.

Dynamics galore.
Each with a story and how they made it to this life.
And as I sit here tonight thinking of all my framily, I miss them, but happy too because, each of our stories have woven together into a precious book; a book with a wonderful introduction, an engaging middle...

But without an ending...
Just new chapters to be written.

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