Sunday, January 10, 2010

Let Freedom Ring! She needs wide open spaces...

(originally written July 4, 2009)

When this journey began, I can tell you the day, the moment, the second.
When it will end is quite a bit more elusive.
Today is not the birth of it, but it is the beginning.

Anyone who has embarked on a maiden voyage such as this can relate.

Lucid words; descriptive words cannot mimic to you the feelings of freedom and liberation. They are merely an injustice to a life giving experience that absolutely frees my soul. Wave upon wave of raw emotion takes residence in my mind; sheer excitement and hope for the days ahead.

The gain…the loss.
The known…and unknown.

The wave recedes from the shore, but just as a wave does, it returns coming closer and stronger until the tide changes.

Question after question.
Assurance after assurance.

There is comfort in the drone of the engine and the road brings with it a certain rhythm. It ushers in a peace and clarity. My thoughts settle into a rhythm of their own and life as our family has been living it is receding into the rear view.

April 2004 begins like any other month, only doesn’t end so.

The tragic loss of our beloved throws me head first into crisis mode.
Sink or swim.

The calling is heard for all things immaterial and unnecessary in my life to be eliminated.

October 2005 begins like any other month, only doesn’t end so.

A string of circumstances beckons us and we sell our thirty-five hundred square foot home and most other frivolous possessions that claimed our ownership.

Drastic changes.
Rug jerked out from under you, changes.
Revelations are poignant.

Thus, our journey to a simpler life was conceived.
A more rewarding life.
A more lucrative life.
A healthier life.

And still it wasn’t enough.

The tugging became like a nagging headache that just wouldn’t surrender.

Thus, a few more implementations.
A few more steps down the path.

March 2007, we purchase the RV and spend nearly every weekend until July traveling.

July 8th, 2007 is when she was born.

She was birthed like all other babies, with excitement, plans and a commitment to do right by her. We leave on a five week extended road trip that changes our lives. We think we’re crazy, that something must be a little off. Surely no others our age are living like this; doing this, except retirees or the rich.

We were neither.

It pushed us to plan for it further and get our random act together. It is the life-changing decision to take our family and our dog on the road in our RV full time.

The show must go on and we were front and center in the drama of our life. Timing and unfinished business dictated our time lapse from birth to departure, but we sail nonetheless!

Those who know us closely, are not surprised, really. We are known to entertain and succumb to our ambitious ideas, convictions and plans. It is still to be determined if this is a good, bad or indifferent philosophy.

We are abnormal.
We take risks that others will not.
We take risks and develop concepts that others can’t see,
Don’t see.

We are not wealthy.

Our means does not dictate our decision, but our decision dictates our wealth.

Wealth in health, not money.
And wealth of freedom.
A freedom from legalism.
From financial slavery.
From obligation.
From anxiety and sickness.
From doubt.
From unfulfillment.

‘From’… the meaning of behind- a place where you already have been. From is the opposite of where the to is. We have to identify and label the from to know the to and how to get there.

Our to is: relational wealth, health, and independence, and surety about who we have become and how we are going to spread this and bless others with it.

Accept the invitation to join me as I learn and discover what each day, each hour, each minute has to offer.

As I dive deep and soul search and pay it forward.
As I soak up what this present life is asking of me;
What God is asking of me.

What is nudging you?
What is your nagging headache that will not relent?
What is God asking of you today?

What are your circumstances asking of you today?
Are you headed in that direction?
What are you doing to get there?

I’m on my way to there.
I’ll update soon to let you know where there is.

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